Executive Summary

AgeX Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotechnology company founded in 2017 by world-leading gerontologist and entrepreneur Dr. Michael D. West. We are focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics targeting human aging. Our mission is to apply our comprehensive experience in fundamental biological processes of human aging to a broad range of associated medical conditions.


We believe that demand for therapeutics addressing such conditions is on the rise, commensurate with the demographic shift of aging in the United States and many other industrialized countries. Aging is one of the most significant demographic trends of our time. As shown below, the U.S. Census Bureau projects a sharp rise in the number of Americans over 80 years of age, with a marked inflection point occurring between the years 2020 & 2030.

Projected increase in the numbers of the U.S. population over 80 years of age (U.S. Census Bureau)
This demographic shift associated with 76 million aging baby boomers poses a significant challenge to our economy. The unsolved problem relates to the fact that chronic conditions account for some 80% of total health care expenditures in the United States and the elderly have a higher prevalence of chronic degenerative disease than the young. Approximately 80% of older adults have one chronic disease, and 68% have two or more.
Our proprietary technology, based on telomerase-mediated cellular immortality and regenerative biology, allows us to utilize telomerase-expressing regenerative Pluripotent Stem Cells (“PSCs”) for the manufacture of cell-based therapies to regenerate tissues afflicted with age-related chronic degenerative disease. Our products under development include two cell-based therapies derived from telomerase-positive PSCs and two product candidates derived from our proprietary induced Tissue Regeneration (iTR™) technology. We own or have licenses to a number of patents and patent applications used in the generation of these development-stage products, including intellectual property related to PSC-derived clonal embryonic progenitor cell lines (PureStem® technology) and HyStem® delivery matrices. We plan to initiate our first device application for Renelon™, a first-generation iTR product, in 2018 and subsequently initiate three clinical trials of cell- and drug-based therapies, each targeting large unmet needs in age-related medicine.


Our currently marketed research and database products include: Universal clinical grade and research grade ESI brand Embryonic Stem (ES) Cells; PureStem® brand embryonic progenitor cells for research; Cytiva® brand of stem cell derived human heart cells for drug screening and safety testing; and GeneCards Database Suite, genomic interpretation algorithms and analysis tools for use by researchers at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and other institutions through paid subscriptions or on a fee-per-use basis.


The technology underlying our therapeutic product development programs is based on telomerase-mediated cellular immortality and regenerative biology. By “telomerase-mediated cellular immortality,” we refer to the fact that cells that express sufficient levels of a protein called telomerase are capable of escaping cell aging. By “regenerative biology,” we refer to novel methods to regenerate tissues afflicted with age-related chronic degenerative disease, such as coronary disease, heart failure, and the complications associated with Type II diabetes. We intend to utilize telomerase-expressing regenerative PSCs for the manufacture of cell-based therapies and induced Tissue Regeneration compositions for its drug-based modalities. We own or have licenses to numerous patents and patent applications covering methods and compositions relating to this technology platform.


These technology platforms, invented by our founders, reflect over 25 years of research and development in cell immortality and regenerative medicine, and are designed to address some of the largest unmet needs of an aging population by translating state-of-the-art laboratory science relating to aging into potential first-in-class therapeutic biologicals, drugs, and devices.