Our Pipeline

Our lead PureStem® derived cell-based therapeutic candidates in development are AGEX-VASC1 and AGEX-BAT1:

AGEX-VASC1 is a cell-based therapy in the preclinical stage of development comprised of vascular endothelial progenitor cells for cardiac ischemia as a lead indication.

AGEX-BAT1 is our preclinical cell therapy product candidate of brown adipocytes for the treatment of certain age-related metabolic disorders such as Type II diabetes.

Our lead iTR™ drug-based therapeutic candidates in development are AGEX-iTR1547:

AGEX-iTR1547 is a drug-based formulation in preclinical development intended to restore regenerative potential in a wide array of aged tissues afflicted with degenerative disease using our proprietary iTR™ technology.

Do We Have Any Current Marketed Products?
Our currently marketed research and database products include: universal clinical grade and research grade ESI BIO brand embryonic stem cells; PureStem® brand embryonic progenitor cells for research; stem cell-derived human heart cells for drug screening and safety testing; and GeneCards® Database Suite, a genomic interpretation algorithms and analysis tools for use by researchers at pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as other institutions through paid subscriptions or on a fee-per-use basis.