Our Pipeline

Our product pipeline includes two cell-based and two drug-based therapeutic products in development. It also includes currently-marketed online database products and research products outlined below.
The AgeX product pipeline. T2D (Type II Diabetes), MI (Myocardial Infarction), CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), EFT (Embryonic-Fetal Transition), Dx (Diagnosis), Tx (Therapy).
Our lead cell-based therapeutic candidates in development are AGEX-BAT1 and AGEX-VASC1:


AGEX-BAT1 is our preclinical cell therapy product candidate utilizing PSC-derived brown adipocytes for the treatment of certain age-related metabolic disorders such as Type II (adult-onset) diabetes.


AGEX-VASC1 is a cell-based therapy in the preclinical stage of development comprised of young regenerative vascular-forming cells formulated in our proprietary HyStem™ matrix. AGEX-VASC1 is designed to restore vascular support in aged ischemic tissues such as the aging heart.
Our lead drug-based therapeutic candidates in development are AGEX-iTR1547 and Renelon:


AGEX-iTR1547 is a drug-based formulation in preclinical development intended to restore regenerative potential in a wide array of aged tissues afflicted with degenerative disease using our proprietary iTR™ technology.


Renelon™ is a first-generation iTR product candidate designed to promote scarless tissue repair and is planned to be developed as a topically-administered device for commercial development.
In addition, cancer diagnostic and therapeutic applications of iTR technology are planned for development through partnering with third parties.