About UniverCyte Technology

The UniverCyte technology uses the tolerogenic molecule HLA-G, modified to be stably expressed on the cell extracellular membrane, to confer low immune observability to the resulting cells. AgeX plans to use this newly-acquired patented technology in producing genetically-modified master cell banks of pluripotent stem cells that can then be differentiated into many diverse young cell types using the Company’s PureStem manufacturing method. The PureStem manufacturing process has previously been shown to be capable of generating over 200 such diverse human cell types. Potential applications of the resulting cells may include the manufacture of a large number of off-the-shelf formulations potentially useful in repairing aged tissues in the body afflicted with chronic degenerative disease. The use of UniverCyte technology to reduce immune observability may eliminate or reduce the need for HLA matching or autologous sourcing for cell or tissue transplants.