Company Info

AgeX Therapeutics is focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics targeting human aging. We are building upon the foundation of our proprietary technologies such as PureStem® and induced Tissue Regeneration (iTR™) to develop innovative medicines designed to address some of the largest unsolved problems in aging. Through PureStem® we have the ability to generate pluripotent stem cell-derived young cells of any type for potential application in a range of degenerative diseases of aging with a high unmet medical need. iTR™ is our revolutionary longevity platform aiming to unlock cellular immortality and regenerative capacity to reverse age-related changes in the body.

Our lead PureStem® derived cell-based therapeutic candidates in development are AGEX-VASC1 and AGEX-BAT1:

  • AGEX-VASC1 is a cell-based therapy in the preclinical stage of development comprised of vascular endothelial progenitor cells for cardiac ischaemia as a lead indication.
  • AGEX-BAT1 is our preclinical cell therapy product candidate of brown adipocytes for the treatment of certain age-related metabolic disorders such as Type II diabetes.

Our lead iTR™ drug-based therapeutic candidates in development are AGEX-iTR1547 and Renelon™:

  • AGEX-iTR1547 is a drug-based formulation in preclinical development intended to restore regenerative potential in a wide array of aged tissues afflicted with degenerative disease using our proprietary iTR™ technology.
  • Renelon™ is a first-generation iTR™ product candidate designed to promote scarless tissue repair and is planned to be developed as a topically administered device for commercialization.